Ahmed Libya – On Giving Help and Working for the Society

There was a time in the past when hardly anyone thought beyond working in a company or taking up a profession of his or her choice after college or university. Today, the face of the economy and policies of many of the governments of the progressive countries has allowed the freethinking, and ambitious business-minded people to start their own businesses.

Take the case of the latest Russian economy due to which people are now more concerned about their businesses and families. This is one of the biggest times when even youngsters like Ahmed Libya are going for startup ventures and they are getting encouraged too. While profit-making is one of the key reasons to start a business, it is also one way to reach out and sell the products or services that one needs from anywhere in the world.

Businesses are also changing their outlook and from selling or even hard-selling their products around the world, entrepreneurs are making sure that the businesses give them back the money they have invested. While earning a break-even and later a profit is the true calling of every business, it is also necessary to ensure that your business also does some good to the society.

While charitable and non-profit organizations exist to help society in various ways and have trust funds too for backing up, it is not always possible to just let them do all the good in the world alone. As a social enterprise, it is essential that every business also think of giving a part of the service to those in need. Ahmed Nashaat Libyafeels that while charity is good, giving is better, but helping a socially backward group progress is best.

There are charitable organizations that dedicate all their energy in either rescuing or rehabilitating the poor, the trafficked, or the people who have become victims of domestic or any other kind of abuse. These people are sheltered when they have nowhere else to go. This said, Ahmed Nashaat Libya and modern day entrepreneurs believe that in a bid to serve the society, one need not just have social enterprise alone. Donating or volunteering in places of crises is an eye-opener and it is also one of the most humbling experiences anyone can get.

So, if a city is flooded, donating clothes, medicines, or food to the flood victims is essential. This is one of the best ways to show your commitment to the society where you live in. Another very important thing is that if you wish to go out and help the people, then getting in to do volunteering service is a great work. You might be offering to deliver food, clothes, or other relief materials during the floods or even other natural calamities. This is just one of the ways you can give back to the society.

Likewise, you might also try to do the society a great service by going for establishing a business that also shall help in bringing out the talent of socially backward but talented people to the forefront. After all, your fellow citizens also shall benefit from your business set up right from the beginning.