Best Ganja Music – For All The Music Lovers

You can now enjoy great ganja music on the new web radio station which plays cannabis-themed and smooth hip hop, rap, reggae, dub & chill continuously for 24 hours. It is a real treat for reggae music lovers since they can access the latest music, album, and great tracks of their choice which they like to enjoy.

The specialty of this internet radio station is that it broadcasts your favorite ganja music tracks. It is a customized ganja music radio. People who enjoy weed music and dope music would be especially attracted to this versatile dope radio.

Music lovers who are looking for their particular kind of ganja music will look forward to hearing the best ganja music available non-stop. They can access the latest songs and music of hip hop, rap, and reggae. So you don’t have to worry about missing your ganja music if your time schedule does not match with the usual radio broadcast schedules and can catch up with your weed music.

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You can download the ganja music which you like. You can also view the videos of your favorite ganja music songs. The flexible web radio station of today broadcasts a large range of ganja music tracks. You can enjoy the video clips or listen to the lyrics. Not only the latest and popular sound tracks, but also the older favorites can be enjoyed thoroughly.

Ganja Music Provides Relaxation And Comfort

Ganja music has played an important and creative role in the creation of dub music. Reggae music creates a trance-like state in which you can relax and enjoy. Sound and studio engineers have acknowledged the contribution of ganja music in creating some fantastic works.

There is a whole lot of sound processing effects such as manipulating tape backward, double-tracking voices, and mixing techniques that create a non-conventional and new music style. All the new ganja music talent is showcased on the internet radio station.

Ganja music web radio station allows you to forget your worries and enjoy the pulsating and energetic music beats. To enjoy the complete ganja music experience, ranging from reggae to dub and chill, check out the ganja music web radio station today.

5 Best Internet Radio Stations For Ganja Music

Smoking ganja with some terrific weed music takes you higher. It brings you the most amazing experience in your life. Weed, pot, bud, hash, ganja, marijuana have been celebrated for years under different songs. Right from Bob Marley’s Kaya to Stoner from Young Thug, ganja anthems have been a part of the music world for ages.

Musicians like Willie Nelson, Wiz Khalifa, and Snoop Dogg have spent their whole life in aligning themselves with this incredible plant, making magical music in the procedure. Though cannabis may be illegal, if you are looking for some puff, then the bonding with music will give you a divine experience.

The best songs about ganja will help you enjoy getting high on a different level. Thus, you have several radio stations available on the internet decked with some splendid Ganja music that you can enjoy while puffing. The 5 best internet radio stations for ganja music are given below:

  • 8Tracks Radio

It is a free radio station to stream anytime, anywhere in any mood. You have some of the best Ganja and smoke playlists tagged with weed, Wiz Khalifa, etc. If you really want to have back-to-back songs of your favorite playlist online, then 8Tracks Radio station really stands out in the competition with its wide range of playlists entirely dedicated to marijuana.

  • Radio net

Smoking Ganja: Radio Smoking Ganja brings you non-stop Reggae and Dancehall music 24 x 7. It is broadcasted from Marbella. You can download it from App Store Google or Play. The app is fully functional and takes ganja lovers to another level. It is a must-have radio station if you like to make music your companion while puffing ganja.


Another popular radio broadcast for 24 hours daily without any stoppage to support the Marijuana family is It is the best-in-class radio for non-stop Hip Hop, Pop, and all types of music for Ganja lovers.

  • Reggae Radio

It presents the best of this segment, new as well as old music from all across the world, right out of Lima’s heart. So, download the app on your Android and Apple phones and start playing the best ganja music for you.

  • Club Ganja

So, if you love to smoke weed all day and want non-stop music along with it from all the new and old artists, then this radio station will definitely live up to your expectations. For those who love to have a company of music, Club Ganja will definitely take your desires higher.

These are the best ganja radio station online mentioned for you. Ganja and music go side by side. Musicians have always shown their love and desire for marijuana.

They have supported weed and expressed their emotions in a plethora of songs that almost all weed smokers can relate to. Be it Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, or Wiz Khalifa, they all have shown their affection and every weed lover takes inspiration from their music.

10 Best Ganja Music Or Weed Music

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A lot of musicians have expressed their love and passion for the natural herb. Be it rock, pop, hip hop, weed songs are a major spec in song albums. So, if you love ganja and music, then you would love to team both together. Here is a compiled list of some of the best ganja trance mp3 downloads available for you. Listen to them when high!!!!

1- Where is da bud by Three 6 Mafia

Three 6 Mafia is a renowned music artist who loves to sing about marijuana. If provided a chance, the guy can release a complete album related to weed. His songs “1000” and “Bin Laden” are still remembered to hit the street and get some marijuana. But, the real ganja song which the group has released is “Where is Da Bud”. Potheads love to listen to it while doing drugs.

2- Mary Jane by Rick James

A song where the singer has given weeds a unique name “Mary Jane” is an amazing song on marijuana. In the song, the musician declares Mary Jane his mistress and says “She makes me feel alright. She is my main thing. She makes my heart sing”. It is the best song of the 90s on weeds.

3- Smoke Two Joints by Sublime

Surely you must have passed your sublime state before you get the courage to puff some of the pots. Sublime is a band that likes to create different mixes with beautiful styles. The mix of ska, hip-pop will make you enter a new realm. The songs “Let’s go get stoned” and “Garden Grove” are some of the best songs for outdoor weed session. Their cannabis anthem is “Smoke Two Joints”

4- Day and Night by Kid Cudi

If you are young and you love ganja, then this song inspires by grass. The tone is recommended for lonely weed enthusiasts. It is recommended for cannabis lovers who are depressed and looking to move out of their predicament. That’s the motivation behind the song.

5- James Joint by Rihanna

James Joint by Rihanna is just a minute long but it makes the lady confess her love for weed when she says “I would rather be seen smoking weed each time we breathe”.

6- Blunt after blunt by Danny Brown

This XXX track has an amazing opening line. The first line makes it the best weed-smoking music. “Kush got a negro high and feeling awesome”. The song has amazing lyrics and is all about Ganja. “I smoke blunt after blunt, blunt after blunt”.

7- Get High Tonight by Busta Rhymes

When you hear a musician talking about world end, Illuminati, Matrix, then surely some weed has been consumed. Busta Rhymes, the rapper has shared his friendship with weed. He states “Smoking weed got me moving in slow-mo like we are floating on a relaxing ocean”.

8- Stoner by Young Thug

Stoner is an amazing track from Young Thug. With a life of anomalies, the song is one of the best weed songs. So, whenever high, just listen to it.

9- Crumbling Erb by Outkast

Outkast has Big Boi and Andre 3000 who are responsible for some classic songs. If you are looking for something relaxing, then listen to Erb. The song talks about how crazy the world has become, but you can’t do anything about it. However, you can control how much herb you can suck in the next joint.

10- Cali Dro by Lil Wayne and Birdman

Cali Dro is certainly an amazing marijuana anthem. The track has Lil Wayne rapping about it. No doubt, it is the best marijuana track.


A lot of artists talk about weed without being afraid. If you like to do weeds, pot, and cannabis, then you will love these songs. They are great ganja music which you can’t afford to miss. However, make sure you puff as per the law of your state.

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