Capture the Flag- The New Initiative from Indiegogo to Honor the Elderly People of USA

How long has it been since you saw something clearly dedicated to the veterans and elderly people. Well, Indiegogo brings you the divine pleasure of a poignant indie comedy on the friendship of two elderly U.S. veterans. Basically, Capture the Flag is a patriotic life of Grumpy Old Men…! It is a comedy about two United States Korean war veterans who solicit their older neighbors in a lively game of “Capture the Flag” to evaluate who win the honor of re-enjoying the old glory in their retirement age daily.

It is in between the game that the vets find explore and heal a common haunted battlefield memory as they look up to each other for the courage to soldier on. The cast includes Dick Van Dyke, Louis Gossett Junior, Rance Howard, John Amos etc. The move honors the 21 million US veterans of America who have spent their life with pride and struggle and served the US Armed Forces. It is also dedicated to families and friends of the soldiers. It is just a small way to say thanks to them for all their efforts to safeguarding the nation while the citizens sleep calmly at night.

This Indiegogo project is quite acclaimed because of the simple reason that it has been made by the people and designed for the people. With more than 22 million US old citizens in the United States, wouldn’t you have a movie to represent them!!! Indiegogo has taken the initiative and offered a movie to the people USA via crowdfunding.

It is a tribute to men and women along with their families who have been a part of United States American Forces. The movie talks about topical issues like ageism, racism, patriotism, diversity and PTSD. It is an initiative to target families and people above the age of 40. It is a movie that every person would love to see. It has been funded by crowd-funding. Filmed in Los Angeles, the movie is scheduled to release in Oct-Nov 2017. To know more check out

Indiegogo has taken the initiative and thought for the armed forces and common people of United States. The movie will soon be in theatres. You can support the cause on your own by funding the film before its release for apt promotion. It is surely the best thing that you can do for your soldiers fighting for United States. So, raise a fund and support the movie by teaming up with Indiegogo.