Enjoy a Historical Horror Classic, the Castle from DSP

For those who like to watch horror movies sitting on the edge of your seat will definitely find The Castle, A WW2 based Horror feature film a nail biting experience. The story begins in the backdrop of World War 2 followed by two present day vacationers who find themselves trapped in a German castle haunted by Nazis ghosts.

Anna and Walter, a Chicago based couple get a too good to be true offer to live their dream vacation in an ancient castle in Germany. But, to their surprise, the castle has a dark history of being owned by evil SS Nazi Colonel Oskar Hoffman. But what the couples end up witnessing is the brutal and merciless dark history where they end up fighting for their lives and souls. After the starting scene of Germany World War 2, the couples are haunted by the Nazi ghosts. The top notch VFX, FX and best quality production have brilliant sequence which enhance the realism of the movie.

The American and German re-enactors enact brilliant fighting scenes in the battle and make Illinois look exactly like Germany. You get to witness some exciting explosions, jump scares, edgy scenes. The mass shootings and priceless artifacts setup a grand terror reign. Now, the souls of Nazi soldiers and colonel are trapped in the castle and have evil plans for the couple. Hence, witness this exciting horror historical movie to see their fight of survival and get out of this nightmare.

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Speaking about the actors, Lew Temple (Walter) and Tierza Scaccia (Anna) and Jerry Lynch (Colonel Hoffman) have played their characters marvelously. The scary punches and jump startles in the movie make it a fun time pass with friends and family. And, lastly, if you love The Castle, then you should back DSP to produce more such movies. Share your thoughts about the movie and pledge for it. Vouch for the movie by ordering a DVD now and get it delivered till August.

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