Evergreen Best Beatles Songs

The Beatles are by far the best band of all time. They are considered by many the best thing to have happened in the 20th century. No other musician or band of musicians has had a bigger influence over the Pop culture the way The Beatles have.

They quickly became the youth icons of their era. Every single track became wildly popular the moment they were released. The Beatles then went on to sell more than a billion records worldwide.

Best Beatle songs according to their popularity

Beatles Songs

Eleanor Rigby – Considered by many, to be that single track that you cannot miss. The track narrates the story of an old woman. Great lyrics along with awesome music make this track stand out clearly from the rest.

All You Need is Love – a track from a live performance that became one of the best Beatles songs and was later released as a part of the Yellow Submarine album.

I Am The Walrus – it’s often said that true feelings show when one is out of their mind. This track does exactly that. Penned under the influence of drugs, this track went on to become a very successful track.

Let It Be – Paul penned this track upon the death of his mother, ‘Let it be’ is a slow soulful track speaks of life itself and the challenges that one has to face in it.

Strawberry Fields Forever – this track tells a lot about the childhood days of Lennon, and the places where he grew up. This track was one the first to use a Mellotron to add that distinct Beatles feel to the track.

Come Together – Written on political issues, this track is so popular that it is still played in some of the commercials even today!

Here Comes the Sun – this track became on the best Beatles songs of all time. This track shows how good George was at his lyrics. It’s unfortunate that is true potential could never be realized.

There is a popular saying – you either love them or you hate them, but you can’t ignore them. Such has been the influence The Beatles have had of the generations. It’s truly amazing to see how they still manage to be a force to reckon with, even in the modern times.