Movavi Video Converter – A Must Have for your PC

Movavi Video converter is fast and powerful software that lets you convert your videos in a split second. Just install the converter, set your requirements and your video format is changed in a flash.

Movavi Video ConverterThe defining features


  • Ultra-fast
  • Plenty of pre-sets
  • Editing tools
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Crash-free
  • Easy share

The amazing SuperSpeed technology can convert videos really fast, something you have never experienced before. Even video trimming is no longer time consuming. There are several built-in options so that beginners can use it without much difficulty. The output settings are selected automatically after choosing the video format to retain the video quality. Advanced users can select the settings manually. Select your codec, add subtitles, and modify the bit-rate and much more with a few clicks.

Movavi video converter also comes with a default-editing tool so that you can crop, flip and rotate your videos on the go. Make your videos brighter, set the volume, change the saturation and do all the basic adjustmentswith this revolutionary video converter. It is compatible in all the versions of Windows even the latest ones. It is also available for Mac OS. The videos are supported by almost all smartphones available in the market. You will not have problems like ‘unable to open media’ or ‘video file corrupted’; in short it is crash free. Share your videos with share online in YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites.Don’t fret, it is available in many languages.

How it is different?

Movavi video converter is paid software although the trial version is available for free. Being a paid application the user support is great. Transactions are safe with all the information being encrypted in a secure database. All the minor updates are free for a registered customer while the major updates can be availed at a discounted rate.

With so many converters accessible, Movavi video converter stands apart from the others with its premium features for the registered customers. The conversion speed is the most fascinating feature that has captured millions of hearts all over the globe. To know more on this, you can visit