My Predictions For Shae Brock Based on Her Music Video Release of “If I Ever”

Since Shae Brock released her single “If I Ever,” the hype for her music video has been blowing off rooftops, and I finally got to see it today. The video definitely compliments the song, and gives a more complete image of Shae Brock, an artist from The Artist Refinery and Fred “Blaze” Crawford, as y’all know at this point.


I now know exactly what type of an audience she will attract. Her fun youthful look and innocence, and if I may say, age appropriate video is absolutely perfect for young adults. In general, I can definitely see even middle schoolers rocking to “If I Ever.”

As we all know, this age group can be quite impactful in many cases. Y’all just have to wait and see if she will continue with this path or not, either way, she’s got the potential for sure. Taylor Swift, watch out!