Origin Delivers True Hi-Fi Experience

Many music enthusiasts suffer from a common malady. It’s called “InferiorEarphone Syndrome”.This problem is associated with listening to audio coming from less than wonderful headphones. It seems to be an epidemic. To avoid this condition,it’s best to invest in a good set of headphones–a really good set of headphones- not choose one because a certain has beencelebrity said “Hey Yeah, they’re great” between visits to rehab. People are often easily fooled by commercials and price tags, and find they are just paying for the hype, not the listening experience.

Origin earphones

A savvy consumer looks for what their headphones are made from, not just fancy packaging or silly names. Ifone islooking for a Hi Resolution Music Earphone with DAC and Amp, Origin,by StarCable, provides a new, exciting, sound experience.

Origin’s secret is the use of Solid Silver wires to conduct signals from the USB connector straight to the earphones. The result it amazing, high quality hi-res sound that makes listening to audio, whether it’s your favorite video, sound file, or music download a uniquely blissful experience. No tinny sounds, no crackles and pops, just crystal pure quality delivered by silver.

Origin delivers Lossless Sound Delivery means that no matter when the recording was created, the listener experiences the sound exactly how the artist intended. To learn more about thehigh-restechnical difference thatOriginbrings to the audio experience, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNADwY9lMQY,for ademonstration ofthe science that backs up their product.

Star Cable’s Origin Headphones have taken sound quality to the next level. Be sure to visit their Indiegogo page, https://goo.gl/WUcz08. to find out what real people are saying about this high res audio system. Through this Indiegogo campaign, music enthusiasts can invest in this project and for just a $99 dollar Early Bird Contribution, the supporter will receive the Origin Earphone of their Choice, well below the regular price.

With sound delivery, quality is everything. Cutting edge products like Origin are revolutionizing how audio is delivered, completely and clearly.