Saving an art and music program

Art and music programs at our school are in the process of being saved through the kindness of online donations and pledges. These pledges are been made via the generosity site run by Indiegogo.

music program

Our school has been evaluating ways to raise extra funding as its board has been concerned for some time that some programs would have to be cut back sharply or even scrapped completely without additional funding sources.

Prior to discovering the generosity site we believed that the arts and music programs would have to cut completely as other subject areas had a greater priority when it came to been funded. For instance, English, Maths, Science, and technology are considered to be more important subjects.

In 2016 due to even further budget cuts our school has $50,000 less to spend. The decision to potentially end art and school programs was not taken lightly. Yet it had to be taken to fund other subjects first. then it was decided to attempt to online to try to fund the arts and music programs via online appeals. Generosity was one of several sites that our school has used to raise funds to save arts and music programs.

We believe our students benefit from attending arts and music lessons, it helps to develop their personalities as well as showing them differing perspectives on life. Arts and music help students to develop as individuals, which is not always understood by decision makers that take away funding year after year.

By putting an appeal on the generosity site we have managed to draw attention to the difficulty this school has faced in been able to find adequate funding to carry on delivering arts and music programs to our students. We found the site easy to use, and we have been content with the support that we have received so far.

You can support this project and join them at: