Top 5 Rappers In The Music Industry

The concept of Music Rapping initiated in the US during the early 1970s. It includes rapping – a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted.

Over the years, the music rapping industry has grown leaps and bounds and people from all over the world enjoy music rapping.

There are various artists now in the music rapping industry that has made a successful career in their life.

These artists are now listed under the top 100 wealthiest rap artists in the country and have net worth more than millions.

Few of these artists have their own brand and production studio that creates and market its music album.

Below is a list of richest rappers in the world today. You can check them as follows:

Dr. Dre – is an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur and presently the CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics. His solo debut in the year 1992 made him an instant success and the best selling American performing artists.

Sean Combs – Yet another American performing artists with net worth more than $820M. He started his career with Uptown records and later went on to start his own recording company in the year 1993.

Jay Z – a leading rapper in the New York city, Jay Z started her career in the industry of rapping as a young kid. He always wanted to make it big in the music industry and is now worth $810M. He is an ideal example of a person who has moved from rags to rich in this industry.

Russel Simons – turned 60 recently is someone who has made his complete fortune from the music rapping industry. Other than music, he has also ventured into other businesses like opening a clothing brand, producer and author. Currently he is estimated worth $340M.

Eminem – It is highly impossible to not talk about Eminem when it comes to music rapping giants in the industry. He is truly one among the top 5 richest rappers in the world and began his career through the Beastie boys which was an instant success. Though his lyrics were always controversial, he has always enjoyed imminent attention from his fans across the world.