Watch as music, dance, and art can link everyone around the world!

An exciting project of music, dance and art used to create interlinked videos is challenging common beliefs in the world. Stories Beyond Political Boundaries borrows from varied sources in history, myth, art and so much more to construct a colorful visual interpretation filled with improvisation that challenges the core of postcolonial understandings of things like gender roles, power, race and identity in society.


Imagine being able to experience a taste of English literature, intertwined in Greek mythology and Asian Mythology and that is what Stories beyond political boundaries is about. It is a bit of an abstract Broadway musical that makes more of a political statement in an artistic video.

Kuldeep Singh, the creator of this masterpiece has managed to bring together a number of people to collaborate in the creation of his work. There are classic musicians, interpretive dancers, craftsmen of all kinds and artists as well as videographers. All these contribute to see to it that a work of art is polished to perfection.

At the moment all this is just in bits of video links that have received recognition and appreciation that offer the opportunity for Kuldeep Singh to develop the entire project into one big act to be showcased at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art located in Omaha, Nebraska from January 13th to April 8th.

It is a great opportunity not just for the creator of the project but also for all those involved in the project as well as people who enjoy contemporary performing art. However, the problem is there are a lot of cost involved in producing something of its magnitude. There are costs of paying the performers and all those involved in the production, the cost of creating costumes and other props needed for the production as well as the videographer costs. This is why Kuldeep is making an appeal on Kickstarter to get people to pledge at least 8,500 dollars to ensure the success of the project. You can get to know more about this project on Kickstarter.

You can support this project and join the them at: