Alberto Accettulli: Making Movies

Former professional freestyle mountain bike athlete, Alberto Accettulli has successfully reinvented his persona, forging a second career for himself as a filmmaker and director.


Staying true to his roots and drawing inspiration from competitive career in extreme sports, Alberto channels his experience and his unique vantage point and perspective into the heart and soul of his commercial spots and films. I love to shoot by following the subject on my skateboard, or by using skis or even a snow mobile.”

Alberto is sought after filmmaking, competing for jobs among other directors around the world. His account include creating and shooting content for brands like, Nike, Red Bull, Eastpak, Honda, Toyota, Jeep, Giorgio Armani, Nike, Red Bull, Kawasaki, Nestlè, Fiat, Rolex, Yamaha, Alfa Romeo,  Ducati, Chevrolet, Visa, Carrera.

Alberto’s talent is celebrated globally. He collaborates with international talent agencies – represented by for the Chinese market, for the Indonesian market and has been working consistently in many countries and continents, for last 3 years almost non-stop, every month! Currently, he is enjoying great success in Asia – collaborating with production houses in China and Indonesia.

Alberto is a native of Genoa, Italy. He now bases his life and career in Los Angeles, California and Shanghai and Jakarta.

With technology today being so affordable, Alberto believes anyone can make a movie with a phone. “If you want to make movies, make movies!” Alberto Accettulli‘s approach to filmmaking is to be, what he calls, “Inside the action.”