A group that is now a household name in Vancouver and beyond. With their music well natured from their young ages to now this group has risen to the challenge. With funding from Indiegogo, a world-wide funding foundation for ideas, charity or start-up businesses, this group has outdone itself as time goes by. Their advances in the jazz community first started out slow with few appearances in bars and other arenas around Vancouver. It was a slow start for them but with their patience and perseverance they have managed to become a world known group.

Holly Burke

When asked to comment on their success the manager of the band said that the band has undergone its own challenges over time and have come out winners in it all. “It may be a surprise to many but I for one never doubted the ability of this band. Not even when it was a small name and all they got were small gigs with a countable audience. With the help of Indiegogo foundation we will go far as a band.” The manager is one who is proud of their. This band according to him has outdone itself and is yet to do much more.

This band first off with other people’s music. This, according to them, would help build confidence before they ventured into their own compositions which did not take long before it happened. As it turns out, it did not go so well at first but with time and the input of their music director, they had beautiful compositions. Music that has seen them grow into the now award winning group well known around the world.

As it is well know they have won several awards in the jazz category and their momentum seems to be increasing. They have also created new record in this category. They are a one of a kind jazz band. It is a band to reckon with.

You can support this project and join them at: