Tips To Choose The Right Acoustic Guitar

When you talk about guitars in general, acoustic guitars are possibly the most common kind. Surely, you must have heard about different electrics and almost all major bands are band around this musical instrument. However, acoustic guitars have been the favorite of the regular Joe who need a musical device to play from time to time and don’t want to indulge in any kind of advanced technique or new musical theory.

A lot of people choose acoustic guitar because it suits every occasion. You can tune it anywhere, anytime you want, even without an amp. It offers it an edge over electric guitars that essentially need some extra elements to exude its best to the listeners.

So, if you are looking forward to purchase an acoustic guitar, then it is the best decision you have made. However, before you settle down with a specific model, there are a few things which you should keep in mind. These are some of the aspects of acoustic guitars which you should keep in mind before buying one. At present, you are about to discover that acoustic guitars are available in different flavors so you may make a mistake and go for something which is eventually going to prove bad for you or maybe unsuitable for your specific needs. With that being said, let’s start!

Classical or steel acoustics

A primary way to categorize acoustic guitars is to differentiate between classical and steel acoustic pieces. Basically both come with similar core elements but the classical acoustic guitar features nylon strings and boasts of a much broader neck while the steel one features steel strings and comes with a neck which is somewhat similar to the one used in an electric guitar.

So, apart from the physical difference, you do have a significant difference in their sound quality. Steel acoustic guitars feature sharp and sometimes metallic voice and they are highly famous in the present condition. Classical guitars play a softer tone which is delicate to the ears. They are usually played fingerstyle. A lot of people sometimes make the mistake of choosing a classic guitar when they really needed a steel one. So, keep this point in mind and you will never make a mistake.

Select the right size

While all electric guitars come in almost similar forms, acoustic guitars are available in different shapes and sizes. However, the difference causes a big impact on its sound as well as comfort level. Some kinds like Jumbo ones are the biggest size of acoustic guitars which aren’t recommended for everyone. They are extremely huge in size and very bulky for some guitarists, offering them a more painful experience rather than enjoyment.

It is very important to keep comfort as your top priority while playing a guitar. So, when shopping for an acoustic guitar, pay more attention to comfort. If you are uncomfortable while playing a guitar, then you have completely lost the point. It means that the first thing you need is to know the size of the guitar which is perfect for you. The right place to begin from is an Orchestra or Dreadnought. The size of these two guitar are somewhere in the mid of the road which tells you exactly in which direction you should go, ensuring that both the options don’t work for you. However, in real sense, there is a high probability that Dreadnought may prove a great match to you.

Solid top or laminate

A lot depends on the material with which the acoustic guitar has been made of. Yes, the guitar relies on the material with which it is made to deliver different sound quality. It is usually the case with every acoustic instrument available in the market. Conventionally, acoustic guitars are manufactured from solid wood pieces all over.

So, it means that the producer picks a wood section and molds it in different ways till it comes into shape they require for the guitar. However, there is yet another option, laminate construction. This make is quite common nowadays majorly because it is budget-friendly to produce. Dissimilar to the solid top guitars, the laminate style acoustic guitars are manufactured from several wooden plies pressed together.

If you look at it from a sonic viewpoint, a solid top will definitely yield a higher sound and comparatively better performance overall. So, which one you wish to pick for yourself? If you want to opt something irrespective of the price, then it is suggested that you pick solid top acoustic guitars over the laminate ones. The ultimate decision lies on the budget you have chosen for your guitar purchase.

However, on the contrary, if money is a problem for you, then you should rather go for a laminate acoustic guitar as it will provide you a great sound quality at a much lower rate.

Final words

Acoustic guitars are just perfect. It is the kind of musical device which you can just pick and play without usually needing any other instrument for its support. They have an awesome sound quality and prove to be a staple of parties and gatherings. So, it is very important that you make the right decision when purchasing your very first acoustic guitar to help you carve a place for yourself.

The basic aim of the article was to provide you with some important information which will help you in choosing an acoustic guitar which best fits your purpose and requirement. Hopefully, all your questions have been answered and now you would not make any mistake in your selection. You can also check out online for the list of things which you need to avoid when selecting an acoustic guitar. Pay attention to smallest details because they end up making a huge difference in the sound and comfort. With the right knowledge, you will never make a mistake in your selection.