Dead Rising: Watchtower

The phenomenon of movie’s adaption from video games has been an age long process. Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat have proved to be successful. One such movie in this list is the Dead Rising- watchtower. Released on the Dead Rising Videogame format, crafted by Keiji Inafune, produced by Capcom, the movie is no less than a classic production. Keeping intact the spirit and rules of the universe, the movie follows its own path and showcases its own protagonists. One can call it a well-captured adaptation with its own persona!

Watchtower is all about the tale of Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe) doing the role of an online reporter who teams up with a camerawoman Jordan Blair (Keegan Connor Tracy) who are in search of an original story. The movie takes place in a destroyed ill-defined Oregon taken over by zombies. The place is now under the control of FEMA like organization called “FEZA” here. How the zombie virus is being transmitted remains unclear in the movie but the government has come up with a vaccine. Phenotrans has come with a drug, Zombrex which keeps the virus at bay provided taken daily.

But now, Zombrex begins to be ineffective in the Oregon Quarantine zone and then Jordan and Chase choose to discover the internal conspiracy involved in it. General Lyons comes up with the plan to bomb the zone and wipe out the problem from its very roots.

While on the other hand, Chase gets in touch with contaminated Crystal (Meghan Ory) and his doubts get reaffirmation. Crystal takes a personal dose of Zombrex which works fine and put a question on the idea of why the drugs have stopped working. What is it actually is all about the movie to look out for!!!

Dead Rising: Watchtower is a great watch as the movie offers you more than just over the top zombie fights and action. It provides you a decent story of investigation by journalists to unwind a conspiracy plot.

Its remarkable production design, beautiful cinematography, character designs are great. You do not just have zombies but, fireman, dancers, clowns in beautiful cartoonish designs. For a great part, Lipovsky’s movie comes with an exact video game version which remains un-played. The desperate script of Tim Carter connects the younger gen very well.

Genzel, Rob Riggle are the best about the film. They perform their jobs well. If you aren’t familiar with the Dead Rising movie and video game, then you will enjoy this adaptation a little less. But, if you are a fan of this series, then you’re going to love the movie for all it offers.  The movie provides sufficient entertainment and some dramatically violent punches to be enjoyed by novices and fans.

So, if you love zombie movies satirical and scary, then go for Dead Rising: Watchtower. You are going to love the video gaming soul of the movie. It is a great adaption of a game after a long time. Check it out and shares your opinions about the movie.