Enjoy The Nail Biting Hip Hop Thriller Set In Your Home With DVD Now

Well, if you’re an ardent fan of scary and nail biting thriller movies, then you are going love Night of the Unspeakable. The move is a hip hop horror and an amazing supernatural sensual thriller shot in a recording studio. The story is all about a rapper and his team, an R&B Girl Group, a Spoken Word Artist as well as Soul Band is trapped in the rehearsal studio for one scary night under the threat of two deadly and monstrous demons.

Well, the demon is freed mistakenly and it unleashes their scorching desire to kill people. They have this vivacious thirst for blood and carnal. The demons actually seduce the people and then slay their prey. After facing a series of mishaps and deaths, the cast and artists realize that they are in the brutal trap of life and death struggle and they have to destroy the demon before they get themselves and their immortal souls killed by their hands.

The movie is totally unpredictable and has complete originality. The cast, creator as well as crew have done a brilliant job. The unexpected twists and turns of the movie keep you tied to your seats and provide you with immense fun. The plot is mind engrossing and the storyline is spectacular. Director, James Rhodes has done complete justice to the story, cast and plot of the movie. The 76 minutes film is an incredible horror movie for those who wish to see a movie in their homes.

Watch out Night of the Unspeakable to find out who escapes and who dies in this battle of life and death? See how the artists manage to kill the demons and set themselves free? Did they escape or did all of them perish in the disastrous killing of the demons? This devastatingly mind captivating thriller is very entertaining and mind engrossing.

If the movie isn’t released in the theatre near you, then you can watch it at home on your personal home theatre. All you need to do is get the DVD from Amazon and watch it alone or with friends. The DVD will be delivered right at your doorsteps. So, just place your order and enjoy the sensuous horror movie sitting on the edge of your seat. You can also watch is on Amazon Video. The actors Dena Toler, Anthony Dalton, Erreol Robinson and King Orr have done a remarkable and praiseworthy job. You will seriously find the makeup and soundtrack good. So, why not give this indie movie a try. It will surely win your heart and you will wait for the future projects of Mr. Jamie Rhodes.

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