Flinch Movie Review

The restoration of mob movie started with The Godfather in 1972. But, what parted Coppola’s work from the before movies what the manner in which he characterized the mafia people as men still trying to make peace with God while living a devilish life. It had an additional moral complexity which centered on the relationship of man with their families and Catholicism. Flinch, the first movie of Cameron Van Hoy tries to be another complicated character study with a compelling narrative.

Joe Doyle (Danial Zovatto) has a defective moral compass, his strong Catholic belief taught him that. Now he has taken up his dad’s hitman job for boss Lee (David Proval) which stands in opposition to his virtuous standing. He reduces more sinning and keeps to himself off the clock.

But his ethical balance gets endangered when Mia (Tilda Cobham Hervey) secretary of one of his missions- witnesses him doing the hit. As she doesn’t flinch during the hit, Joe thinks God wants her to live and holds her as a hostage. Now he is just balancing out his mother’s life, avoiding the wrong of Lee business and finding out what Mia is capable of.

Flinch works on focusing on the characterizations. It creates rich characters with occasional contrived plot thrills.  Characters like target Ed Terzian (Tom Segura) and gang members are great characters and work to support the movie. The brilliant character of Mia works amazingly well balancing between sexiness and manipulation. You can check out more at FlinchTheMovie.com.

There is another successful relationship portrayed in the movie between Gloria and Joe. They are intensely co-dependent and amazingly overprotective. It is their closeness which results in tension when Mia is brought to house for safekeeping. It is the war between Gloria’s experience and Joe’s hormones and rules. Flinch beautifully captures the love between a mother and a son.

If you are looking forward to watch a decent action movie, then Flinch offers obscene amount of blood with stab wound and gunshot wounds. You don’t have too many shootouts, but when they happen, they are as boisterous as his mother trying to talk some sense to him. The cinematography of the action sequence is good and concise. Speaking about the character of Joey Doyle, he is not very complicated as Flinch thinks him to be. It is a formula film which will leave you scared and indifferent. The film includes a core relationship with some good aesthetics with a touch of thriller mixed in.