Have You Heard Hannah Elizabeth’s “No Good” Single Yet?

Hannah Elizabeth just released her new single “No Good.” And, to be honest, we’ve all been waiting for it. We’ve been told she’s the new Lana del Rey, with an even more mysterious voice, and it proved to be true.

The single is catchy, shows depth of spirit, yet can also get you moving and dancing to the power beats. The music video is said to come out next month. Let’s wait and see.


If you haven’t heard her name yet, do a quick research now. You’ll be missing on this new discovery in a month!

Hannah Elizabeth is an upcoming artist from The Artist Refinery. With guidance from Fred “Blaze” Crawford, Hannah Elizabeth is already demonstrating immense potential, the strength and dedication necessary to make it in this industry. And we know how tough this industry is!

Her style is influenced by the likes of Florence and The Machine, Sara Bareilles, Ellie Goulding, and Amy Winehouse, which you can clearly see in the single “No Good.”

Listen to the single, but be warned, you may get addicted!