How do I get started on the guitar?

There are so many ways to actually play the guitar. It is actually one of the most versatile instruments out there. You can pluck, strum on it, tap on it, etc. There are just several techniques to learn. Singapore is one of the countries that have been blooming in its music industry. Of course, the bulk majority of successful artists do come from other countries, however in recent years, music has been an important part of the country’s art culture.

First, you need to think about the kind of music that you would want to play and also choose if you want to take up an electric guitar lesson or an acoustic guitar lesson. One can consider looking for an acoustic guitar lessons Singapore teacherto help speed up the learning process. An experienced teacher can indeed help you to expand your music knowledge and help you to correct your guitar playing techniques. However, the primary person that will help you achieve your musical goals is actually yourself.

Learn To Tune Your Instrument

The next thing that you can start with is to learn how to tune your guitar. Getting a tuner and a guitar capo are some of the guitar essentials. However, if you do not want to do so, an alternative is to download a guitar tuning application on your phone. Do note that a guitar tuner is still the most accurate device that will help you tune your guitar accurately.

The Essentials

Other than getting yourself a tuner, which you can get one easily for less than $20 SGD, the next thing is to actually get yourself a guitar. If you are getting an acoustic guitar, just make sure that the strings are working just fine. On the other hand, if you are thinking of getting an electric guitar, you might need to consider getting an electric cable and an amplifier.

Learn Your Basic Chords

As a beginner, start with the simple chords like G, C, D, Em, Am, etc. Progressively once you are able to press on the strings comfortably, then move on to bar chords.

Play The Songs You Love

Next, list down a list of songs that you enjoy listening to. Pick the songs that are easy to follow and play and get going with it. It is important you enjoy playing the guitar as this will motivate you to practise playing it regularly.

Learn Rhythm & Strumming

Go to YouTube and check out the various videos out there. There are so many resources in the internet, and now with technology, it would not be difficult to even learn various guitar techniques online. Start by learning how to strum, followed by plucking, and then guitar picking.

Learn Online or Find a Local Teacher

If you find yourself stagnating, then you can consider approaching an experienced guitar teacher to help you to improve on your guitar skills. Most importantly, always remember to practise regularly!