Review of Operation Mincemeat

Are you curious about the stances and situations during World War II? Do you sometimes feel like getting any idea of how those people struggled, fought, and survived? If yes, the new movie Operation Mincemeat will give you a peek into it. It is a movie based on World War II, showcasing the real-life story of how the allies tricked the Nazis and made them believe that they were planning to attack Greece and not Sicily. The movie has been made on the heavily famous book of the same name written by Ben Macintyre.

The movie director, John Madden, has all the good things to share about the movie. He stated the script of Michele Ashford fuses several moods and strands. It includes love, thrill, romance, drama, fun, action, and endlessly surprising. It showcases a soldier’s human side that not every movie shows and shows a new type of war that includes deception and shadows, haunted by thoughts that suggest that there is no assurance of success anywhere.

The cast of the movie includes Bridget Jones star, Colin Firth.

Release date

The movie Operation Mincemeat is all set to release in cinemas on April 15, 2022, and it is releasing on Netflix in the United States on May 11.

The movie has garnered some amazing reviews and is recognized as one of the year’s most entertaining movies.

The plot of the movie

Operation Mincemeat is based on real-life events where two intelligence officers used a dead body and false papers to outsmart German troops during World War II.

The events in the movie display that the Allies want to launch a full assault on Fortress Europe. But they face several challenges to safeguard a huge invasion force from embedded German firepower and avoid a prospective massacre.

The story is precisely new and unique, and rather than talking about wars, and it showcases an instance where soldiers try to avert one. It has an amazing mix of top-level espionage and amazing fiction, which most people like watching.

The cast of Operation Mincemeat

The main role is played by Colin Firth, who performs the role of a Naval Intelligence Officer, Ewen Montagu. The other cast includes Jean Leslie, Matthew Macfayden, Johnny Flynn, Lorne MacFayden, and Penelope Wilton.

The film also has the late Paul Ritter, famous for Friday Night Dinner as a Physician and Lawyer Bentley Purchase. This is his last on-screen appearance post his death in 2021.


The film doesn’t commit completely but clues at all types of spycraft, double bluffs which successfully do the job. It is one of the newest releases of the home front wartime section movies such as Darkest Hour, The Imitation Game, and Munich- the Edge of War, which stresses domestic morale, planned genuineness, and strategic shenanigans instead of showcasing battlefield violence. The movie is watchable and should definitely be watched if you love real-war stories rather than fiction, showcasing schemes and not outrageousness.

So, go ahead and book your tickets now.