Susan Aquila tour


Are you a rock and roll fan? Do you enjoy violin music? This is your chance to help bring talented musician Susan Aquila to stardom. She is planning a national tour named ‘Miss conduct’ and you could be there if she raises enough money. An album with the same name will also be released.

Susan is an amazing violin player who has been classically trained and has previously performed for three presidents in the White House. More recently she has traded in her classical training for a more modern and rock and roll approach. Susan has her own unique style and is very talented. She plays on an amazing purple flying V electric violin and has performed with Metalica, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, the Zombies and SOiL in the past.


Susan was also featured on America’s Got Talent and was nominated for a double Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Rock Album of the year. Her CD ‘Broken Angel’, was a huge success and this gained her many fans worldwide.

Susan is helping keep rock and roll alive, she is also an inspiration for so many people young and old alike. She has encouraged many people to pick up the violin or other classical instruments and also has her own modern, funky style. Susan is a trailblazer and her music needs to be shared with the world. If you love Susans music and believe in her talents then head over to the indiegogo page. You can donate money to help get her tour going, there are some amazing gifts for high donors including Susan’s electronic violin or a dinner date with Susan at her favourite restaurant. These are not to be missed. You can also join Susan on social media to help promote her indiegogo campaign and her tour.

You can support this project and join them at: