The Role Of Drones In Taking Aerial Shots In Movies

If you are into film making on a budget and possibly cannot afford a chopper to capture those dazzling aerial shots of landscapes and cityscapes that hefty budget filmmakers use to crafts a panoramic opulence, then flying drone camera is the best option available for you. Yes, bingo! The similar technology that permits the United States to spy distantly and permits you to click bird’s eye view shots for your directorial venture.

Drones with great cameras are just another tool sets which are being used by cinematographers for Steadicam as well as tracking capture. Filmmaking as a technical profession is well-aligned with the use of expertise of drones as it has a lot of artistry, craftsmanship and expression. Movies like Superman with a GoPro and Thor are the best examples of movies sot by drone. However, aerial shots by drone for movies still need a lot of evolution.

Apart from learning how to fly a drone, you have to learn more. Stabilization and image quality are quite a challenge to manage and the battery life of drone is also a big issue which doesn’t allow long shoots. When the UAV carries Red camera, the flight time goes as less as 3 minutes.

Drones play a very active role in taking aerial shots in movies, especially for young filmmakers who are highly tech savvy. It is more like a value added stuff which renders exceptional results when they get their hands on one. One of the best things that you will see drones do is that they fly through fireworks. They go to destinations where direct human reach isn’t possible. You could achieve it with a drone. You could even carry a drone inside a volcano.

So, at this point of time, drones function like a narrative filmmaking device- full of artifice and freshness. A drone has replaced the functioned of a crane, chopper, jib at a relatively lower price or you can say quite a low price. You will see drone developing and doing more than stunt photography and videography in the coming time. And, they remain to be flights of fancy for a lot of directors and cinematographers.

Drones with great cameras have the capacity to shoot amazing scenes for movies when shot with the right skills. With the coming time, you will see more development in this field. With a much advanced battery life, higher image stabilization and quality image capture, drones will be used more and more in the coming movies.