Three Horror Movies Which Will Rob Your Night Sleep

There are some excellent – or awful depending on your feelings – horror movies you can watch for free online through streaming websites. The good thing about being able to watch horror movies on demand for free is there are no late fees and there are no joining fees – simply watch what you want to watch – when you want to watch it!


Zombie Wars

*Nobody knows exactly how it happened, some think that it was the tail of a comet that passed too close to earth*…… and so it begins – it’s been fifty years since a worldwide zombie epidemic started and now a group of soldiers have learnt that some of the more intelligent zombies have actually started breeding humans for food. Upon hearing this the soldiers plan to conduct an all-out war on the Zombies to rid the earth of these flesh-eating monsters for good. All while the rest of the population are struggling just to survive.

Zombie Wars was released in 2007 and stars Adam Mayfield, Alissa Koenig and Jim Hazelton

Darkside Witches

*True evil never dies* during the inquisition of witchery held in a small Liguria mountain town in 1589 6 innocent women were burnt at the stake. The last woman to be burnt was offered the chance for revenge on the condition that she swore eternal loyalty and obedience to the demon Pazuzu. In the 20th century the women were reborn and in 2009 after ritual murders and other strange events start the Vatican sends their exorcist.

Darkside Witches was released in 2015 and stars Eleonora Albrecht, Barbara Bouchet and Simona Cappia

The Afflicted

What I’m about to tell you is exactly how everything happened*.  Maggie is a disturbed mother to four children who subjects her children to the horrors of abuse, she is explosively violent – she defends her actions by quoting her own deranged interpretations of the bible. The daughters live in a house where they are terrified of being beaten and abused by their mother who is mentally disturbed. The thought of escaping their mother seems to be impossible, but proves to be deadly. The Afflicted takes you inside the lives of those who live in constant fear with no hope of escape.  The Afflicted has been based on a true story.

The Afflicted was released in  2010. The role of Mother Maggie in this story of abuse is played by Leslie Easterbrook. The movie also stars Kane Hodder, J.D. Hart, Michele Grey, Sims Holland and Randy and Daniel Jones.

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