TLE Records First Annual Christmas Bash

For those who are seeking a thrilling musical bash in Albuquerque, New Mexico, then the bash planned by TLE and their crew might be just the thing to make sure you and your guests have a wonderful holiday celebration. If Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music are your favorite genres to listen to, then you are sure to love the lineup of performers for this first Christmas bash hosted by the label.

The chariman and lead artist for the production company, Zuave, was born Isaiah Rashad Fuller, with an upbringing that included varous places in Arizona, Los Angeles, and the Windy City, aka Chicago, Illionis. He had intersest in both music and athletics prior to an injury in 2012 that ended his football and basketball aspirations. Rather than dwelling on the unfortunate incident, he began to focus his energies on developing his own musical style.


His unmistakable approach to music involves excellent rhythm and raps that express relateable stories that you are sure to related to. He has also dipped his hand into the fashion industry. He adopted the name to express his smooth confidence and charm when dealing with life. However, as lead artist for record label TLE, he is workiing hard to make life better for the citizens of Aburquerque, particularly disadvanted children.

Zuave, along with the other members of TLE are all from this huge city, and have a love for their hometown and the people in it. This Christmas Bash is about providing excellent entertainment with generosity to those less fortunate in the area. Along with the best dance and hip hop music the city has to offer, attendees of this special event have the opportunity to participate in the Joy Junction toy charity drive.

The hosts ask that those who attend this exciting holdiay bash bring at least one toy to be donated to children who othewise would receive nothing on this special holiday. The performers who gave their time and energy to provide the musical entertainment for a good time are also going to personally hand deliver the gifts that were given through this toy drive.

Joy Junction is a homeless shelter that provides single people and familes with food, clothing and a safe place to be in addition to a comfortable place to sleep each night. While being homeless is challenging and painful for adults, children suffer even more because they lose out on many of the “normal” activities kids their age get to do regularly. Receiving toys and gifts for the Chirstmas season can help to reduce some of the pain and confusion asociated with homelessness.

As the first bash of its kind to be organized by TLE, Zuave and all of the others involved hope to provide excellent music along with helping the less fortunate in the city. Make your plans tot attend this unique event.

You can support this project and join the them at: