Venezuelan Composer Launches His Third Album On Indiegogo

Abraham Gustin is producing his third album/CD he is a Venezuelan Composer and visual artist. This newest project has been worked on very hard for the last 4 1/2 years. There are currently 12 tracks including instrumental music with the structure of symphony. You will hear a string quartet in the basic format with piano and guest soloists with woodwind and brass. This amazing mixture of instruments and musicians is exciting and inspiring. It is a genre that most anyone could listen to and enjoy, no matter your taste in music. Abraham’s music a world music flavor.

Venezuelan Composer

For this new album he has invited Franco Castellni from San Diego, California as well as Jose Baroni. These are major names to be proudly included, but the proudest moment will be Abraham making his debut as orchestrator in one of the pieces. Obviously, Abraham is very dedicated to this project as music and art are his lifelong passions.

This type of recording requires many channels per track with multiple textures in many melodies. It also requires the use of many people to complete; guest musicians, recording studio, recording engineers, arrangers, a mix engineer, mastering, designers for the discs and the final print of the CDs. It will take approximately 120 hours of recording to produce this amazing album. To listen to a sample of you can jump over to his website, It will move you!

Abraham is hoping that it will move you enough to donate to his indiegogo campaign to raise the money for production. He is really raising the bar on this production. Well above his last two albums in 2006 & 2009. He has a goal of completion in December 2016. Anyone that pledges at least $25 will receive a free copy or more of the CD. What a great way to pre-order your copies, and help in the production! Pre-order yours today by visiting: