Watch The Serpent Coming this year 2019

The globally recorgnized and applauded supermodel turned actress, Gia Skova doesn’t just star as the female lead in the movie “The Serpent” but also has directed, produced and written it. The woman moves a step ahead in the industry with the production of this movie. The Serpent is an explosive, drama-action thriller anticipated to wrap a move. Skova has performed the role of a CIA operative, code named The Serpent who finds out that she is being exploited and being planned to get killed by her own agency members being a part of a nefarious scheme linked to her assignment.

The thriller is a race against time, she flees the watchful eye of her team where her struggle takes her to China to unravel a grand worldwide conspiracy. The film eyes a 2019 release and is set to put the box office on fire! It is a special movie being acted, directed and produced by international beauty. With 2 years of effort, it endeavors to share with the world “The Secret Mission of the Serpent”. The global thriller marks the directorial debut for this stunning supermodel and provides a glimpse into her brilliant combo of amazing aptitude, athletic powers, emotional emotions and versatility which also includes performance of all her stunts on her own.

The story is all about realities collision with art, Skova draws off her amazing intelligence, brilliant mind, strength and skills to portray her character, bravely challenging the most highly rated organizations of the world in an adrenaline chase to establish justice and freedom to the innocent. The film has a huge international cast and its 30% has been shot in China. The Chinese government has rendered complete support to the movie and has brought brilliant momentum to its production.

The Serpent is all set to be released domestically and internationally everywhere, along with China. The movie is being produced in partnership with Pasha Skovorodin and The Bay fame -Jared Safier, 3-time Daytime Emmy Award winner. Other major roles in the film are being played by Tzi Ma (famous for his role in 24, Arrival and Veep), Jason Scott Jenkins (known for his role in American Horror Story) and Craig Conway (who has also acted in Doomsday).

Skova will be a part of the AFM intent to share the vision of the movie and render her view on the production of her first film. The movie is all about the top special agent Lucinda Kavsky (Gia Skova) working as a secret agent for CIA and being given a special assignment and then being set up by the members of her own agency. Watch it for the amazing stunts, brilliant storyline, splendid performance of the stars and top notch cinematography.

The movie stands in competition to the best release of the year. Though the female driven action movies aren’t a new thing but surely one being directed, produced and acted by one is a big thing. The Serpent will be a valuable experience for everyone who watches it.


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