What to look for when buying a digital piano?

In this era of digitalization where majority of the industries have merged; music industry isn’t spared. Now that majority of the musical instruments are designed and developed using digital technologies, piano too get the makeover.

Acoustic pianos are now replaced by digital piano but; if you are a beginner and out buying one; it is important to know the key things before you make a costly investment.

Ensuring that the keys are of standard width sizes

If your digital piano keys are standard size, it makes it easy for you to sit and play. There are chances where you may come across “toy like” pianos; they usually have narrower keys.

A standard digital piano key is approximately 23 mm wide.  If it happens to have narrower keys, you need to drop the idea of buying it.

Your Digital Piano Should Have Weighted Keys

One of the major differences, digital pianos have weighted keys which means inside the piano there is counter-weight at the backside of the keys which forces the key to move upward and make harder to push it.

Before making a decision, make sure to go through the test reviews as some cheap digital pianos will promote the device to be “velocity graded” or “velocity sensitive”. This means that if you hit the key harder it will play it louder. This is not the same case of having weighted keys.

Don’t Pay For Bells And Whistles

There are literally thousands of brands producing digital pianos hence; choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Obviously; you won’t feel like paying for the features you will be never using, and the same way making sure that the playing features that you are looking for are very much in there for the cost you are paying.

Ensure That It Has A Pedal

Lastly and important thing to look when buying a quality digital piano is to ensure that it has a pedal with it. If the digital piano you are considering to be smaller in size comes equipped with the second or third pedal.

Just confirm that you are getting the sustain pedal along with because; it will make it impossible to play contemporary tunes.

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