Brogan Boyd’s cover of Ever glow by Coldplay

A beautiful lyric weaved through the beats of heart! It depicts how special it is to fall in love and to hold onto it. No matter how tough life turns and how fast things will change; a true love will have its tunes in the lover’s minds.

Love is light in the dark and an ever-glowing feel. Many may come and leave you during our life’s journey, but someone special will cling onto our hearts even if they meant to stay with you or not! That special friendship and bonding cannot be expressed in words.

Just like changes in nature- the wind, the water that takes a different direction, so does a life change! Distance is not a matter when love is close to heart, no matter where we go, what we do, the feel still tunes in our heart and mind just like an old favorite song. This extraordinary feel cannot be shared with anyone, it is held tight through all times of life.

So, if ever you love somebody, let them know your love instead of living with just an ever-growing feel. Living with memories is beautiful but not as lovely as being together forever!

Check out Brogan Boyd’s cover of Everglow by Coldplay