Steven A Williams – An Outstanding Music producer in London

Defining music is always difficult, once William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night said that,

”If music is the food of love, play on,

Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,

The appetite may sicken, and so die.”

Music is an undefined thing that can’t be expressed in words but one can only feel it with heart. In order to create mesmerising music, Music Composer should be passionate and should have a deep knowledge of musical instruments. Among all famous names of big music producers in London, Steven Andrew Wiliams is also a name, who has passionately dedicated towards the betterment of music.

Steven A Williams is a musician, composer, record producer and engineer based in Wimbledon, London. He was born in 1965 and had started his career in music industry in 1980’s. Steve’s love for music began at the age of nine when he started learning piano and drums. He learned drums, percussion, piano and vocals at a minor age. Today, he is as an ex-student of Royal Academy of Music.

Steven A Williams is a reputed music producer of London who established himself as a musician, composer, record producer, song writer and a mix engineer. In addition to this, he has the in-depth knowledge of music instruments like drums, keyboards and on on.

Passion and commitment are two of Steve’s best traits. He has a working experience in the music industry for over twenty years.

In the words of Steven A Williams, ‘‘To produce truly great music, you have to understand and appreciate several things: emotion, dynamics, musical structure, the importance of the space between notes, the psychoacoustic impact of the piece and it’s energy flow; but most of all . . . you’ve got to give it a soul.‘’

Steven A Williams has devoted his professional life in creating heart touching music as a success for many commercials released throughout the world. He is a wonderful music producer and an owner of U.K’s best music studio as well. It was his dedication and extra ordinary talent only which made him to create a music studio of his own, known as ”The Chapel Studios” which was opened in year 2004.

He has knowledge of almost all genres of music including hip hop, pop, rock, classical, jazz and many more. He himself had composed and produced some of famous tracks like Metronica, Venus, Kharmos – Album Compilation and so on, which he recorded & mixed at “The Chapel Studios”.

He has got chance to work with some of the big name in Hollywood that includes Britney Spears, Lisa Stansfield, Sharon Gosler, Anthony Gadd, Matt James and many more. Steven A Williams had worked on the soundtrack for the feature films like from Hell, and Dinotopia. He has an incredible wealth of experience, skills and talent.

He has a number of happy and satisfied clients who shared a great working experience with him, one of his client stated that, ‘‘I have recorded many of my songs with Steve and have always achieved amazing results that never disappoint.’’

Thus, it can be said that Steven A Williams is U.K’s best music producer.