Don Beauty and the Beast Costumes from the 19th Century for the Perfect Belle Look

During the start of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast, we sell belle in tight sleeves blue dress with A-line skirt and bodice without any lacing support. Belle is the new gen Disney princesses and the record breaking remake has given women some of the amazing best Belle dress cosplay costume from the movie Beauty and Beast. The magical kingdom of Disney unveiled the Beauty and the Beast Land with amazing scenes and costumes.

The costumes designed for Belle’s iconic character are interestingly beautiful. Her voluminous golden ball gown in Sating with tier brocade ruffles looks elegant. The top grade satin fabric with lining along the bodice gives it a firm body fit. The gown has gained a lot of appreciation amongst girls and women. The lush costumes dazzle the eyes of everyone who sees it. Costume designer Jacqueline Durran has given Belle’s dresses more faithful look in comparison to the animated version. Her costumes from the 18th century include real world detail and fashion back.

Belle’s winter red dress with cape is yet another remarkable piece radiating her true princess side. The gothic romance shown in the movie goes well with all the gowns donned by Belle. While Belle’s day dresses have panniers, her gowns showcased the time from 1650 to 1780. Belle’s blue maid dress looked clean and simple and different from everyone else around in her little town. It included conical bodice with ribbon lacing and a loose blouse. The gold ball gown which she wore for her dance with the beast looked timeless with robe a la francaise. Because of these famous gowns, you can easily spot Belle anywhere in the crowded Disney park.

These dresses have made Belle nothing less than a brand. The special edition of best Belle dress cosplay costume from the movie Beauty and Beast is available online. You have a new line of merchandise to order. Though Belle has come through half a ton variations, but her current look is remarkably in demand. The Durran’s designs are available online. All you need to do is place your order and customise the gown as per your measurements. These gowns are a perfect escape for your evening parties.

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